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Savoring the Brick and Mortar

Over time, I’ve learned not to attach to things. You can love them and enjoy them but there is a sense of impermanence as well. Life is not permanent nor are our cherished possessions. Our homes are dwellings that likely existed long before us and may exist long after us as well. They are not “ours.”  They are merely sharing time and space with us, providing pleasure and functionality.

Getting into your Groove

Do you ever feel in a rut? Need a little something to ignite some extra energy into you mood? The cure might be as simple as extra focus on a bedroom, a family room or a work space. Let’s look at how to take one room and use that to recharge your human battery.  

The Art of the Tiny Home

Creating the Art of Home is not just about designs, interiors and decorating. It’s also dabbling into our inner being and wellness too. Bringing both inner and outer worlds together in that place we call home. To create that space, we have to find inspiration, design and create, then embrace it all. This Tiny Home idea started in an unlikely place: Florence Italy.