The Art of the Tiny Home

The Art of the Tiny Home

Creating the Art of Home is not just about designs, interiors and decorating. It’s also dabbling into our inner being and wellness too. Bringing both inner and outer worlds together in that place we call home. To create that space, we have to find inspiration, design and create, then embrace it all. This Tiny Home idea started in an unlikely place: Florence Italy.


1. INSPIRE IT – Where do you get your ideas for your space? Watching HGTV? Going to home tours and other people's houses? Pinterest? All good places to gather ideas.  I would guess that most of us have seen that house, interior or furnishing and then, tucked away a little thought of inspiration for our own homes. If you are truly driven, you might already have your own Pinterest Idea board. I have several boards just for these topics, i.e. My Style so I can capture ideas on the go.

Recently I was asked to design a Tiny home for local singer-songwriter in Nashville. Rather than return to ideas and thoughts just mentioned, I recalled the year I lived in a 15th century loft apartment doors away from the Duomo in Florence Italy. It did have 10 foot windows and 20 foot ceilings yet was less than 45 square meters, translating to less than 500 square feet. This was my inspiration. Mr. Songwriter shared with me his Pinterest page and the two of us were inspired to create.


Form + Function + Fun


2. CREATE IT – The Tiny Home Movement really has taken hold in concept. Trying to create the functional space in approximately 500 square feet, while attempting to be both appealing and fun meant more than a few iterations of designs and concepts on paper. Once the Build team was in place, we were off and running.

3. BE IT – Mr. Songwriter has since moved in and uses his Tiny House for multiple purposes. He finds solace and reclamation when he needs from being on stage. He embraces the space to gather other musicians to write, and record. When on the road or in other spaces himself, he has found a simple dual use for his Tiny Home as a short term rental through AirBnB.

AirBnB Photos

Final Thoughts

So, the keep it Simply @Home practice is to create, inspire and be there. That’s it. Create Home. Inspire A Home. Be In Home. Do it now, leave the work behind. Go rest, play, feed some birds and get spicy!

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