Phase One: Schematic Design   

Time spent establishing the general scope, conceptual design, scale and relationships among the components of the project. The primary objective will be to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible house concept within the parameters of budget and city regulations. At this phase, client and design team work on 3-D model to clarify final design objectives.


Phase Two: Design Development & Construction Drawings  

Once we have the big picture and have decided exactly what will be done in the first phase, we'll focus on only that part and develop the detail drawings necessary to gain approved permits from the county.  This also includes coordinating with all consultants and their reports and meetings with city departments and contractors as necessary.  With permits and final plans in hand you will be ready for implementation.


Phase Three: Project Implementation

Once the construction drawings are done, we consult on issues to ensure implementation goes smoothly, including refining design details needed beyond initial submittal and providing alternative solutions as a result of unknown circumstances during implementation. We continue being invested in your project by acting as a sounding board on selections, fixtures, finishes, paint colors, cabinets, or custom fabricated products.